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Random Sayings

If Mickey Mouse is a mouse, Donald Duck is a duck and Pluto is a dog,then what is Goofy? view>>>
Taco Bell : Think outside the bun... view>>>
See you in space mutherfu*ker! view>>>
Fathersucker view>>>
Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker! view>>>
Once begun the work is half done. view>>>
Be a freak, being cool is over-rated < this saying is like so true!! And anyway freaks totally rule!! view>>>
That's pretty schnazy! view>>>
finger printing better go by quick this morning ;/ view>>>
finger printing better go by quick, today ;/ view>>>
"Time is money." - Benjamin Franklin view>>>
"The good die first." - William Wordsworth view>>>
"Knowledge is power." - Francis Bacon view>>>
I have a dream! view>>>
I had a dream. --MLK view>>>
Littering and polluting is not the way! Hear what Captain Planet has to say! Go planet! view>>>
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