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Random Questions

How do you tell a clingy friend (that you still want to be best friends with) to back off a bit? :-& view>>>
If someone says "come on, punch me in the face, I dare you, punch me in the face, do it, come on, punch me in the face", can you legally punch them in the face? view>>>
What colours do Smurfs turn when you choke them? view>>>
Why are Vegans so Militant & Angry ? view>>>
Can I desecrate you? view>>>
I am a guy and I love to touch other guy's faces...with my fist...really hard...it feels so good! It is like an orgasm in my knuckles. Does this mean I am gay? view>>>
Are turtles without shells homeless or naked? view>>>
How many unused napkins are thrown away every day? view>>>
Is my pickle healthy? view>>>
Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons? view>>>
MISION, VISION, VALORES ________________________________________________________________________________ NUESTRA MISION Faccialive el fortalecimiento del sistema financiera con la formación de responsables y capaces, comprometidos con el desarrollo sostenible faccialive e una institución de ... view>>>
do u know any gay celebs beside danial tosh view>>>
How come you can't fix stupid? view>>>
Why? ............. view>>>
Should I keep writting my story? ~Carma view>>>
What size boobies do I want to replace my itty bitty A cup? I'm 29 5' 3" and 110 lbs. I breast fed both of my children and you wouldn't think such small things would ever lose their perkiness but sadly that's not the case. I've heard to go big and I've heard not to do it at all. I want it and I'm d... view>>>
What is longer? If you type in 99 or 100 in the microwave? view>>>
>.> ?Por Qué No Te Hable En Español? view>>>
what happened to all the classicly sweet girls in the world man? today is valentines day and i sent a text to everone on my phone saying happy v day and the collective responce was either i dont celebrate it or that theres nothing happy about it. now i know that v day is a touch subject with some so... view>>>
Have you ever thought about calling a Pizza delivery service just so they might deliver some soda to you? view>>>
Do cigarette packs make a safe ashtray? view>>>
If Crate & Barrel sells things that contain other things, why don't they sell condoms? view>>>
How do you defeat the pied piper? view>>>
Why do people who just started dating me tell me I can call anytime? view>>>
If only I could wake up losing all my memories from the past 15 years of my life.just waking up. as someone New.Will you tell me who I was? view>>>
Are all teenagers crazy? view>>>
what is the first thing you think of when you see a cow? view>>>
Is a little bit of a lot the same thing as a lot of a little bit? view>>>
Why do they put crutons in an air tight sealed bag, they are just pieces of stale bread to begin with right? view>>>
Gays and girls, on three, say the one guy you would sleep with. '1,2,3!!* JOHN STAMOUS!!! Did we just become best friends?! Yeshh C: view>>>
What am I wearing right now? view>>>
so what do i do when the only one i want is out of my reach and who i can have doesn't even come freakin close? view>>>
Why do girls want to put their hair in pony tails? Do they know that ponies shit get's stuck on their tails? view>>>
Why does the clicker always disappear? view>>>
Would you be more comfortable being around people you know or strangers? :) view>>>
Why is red cabbabe called "red" cabbage? It's really purple!!! Same with "red" grapes and "red" wine!!! And while we're at it...are white grapes really "white"? I think not! I think this is an entire conspiracy perpetrated by the Canadians!!!!! Bastards! view>>>
If it takes a chicken and a half a day an a half to lay and egg and a half, how long would it take a grasshopper with a wooden knee to kick of the seeds out of a dill pickle? view>>>
Who invented the sock? view>>>
If i could grant you 3 wishes... What would they be? view>>>
If someone has a detachable leg, they detach their leg and hit someone with it, would it be considered a kick? view>>>
What is the most famous gender neutral song? view>>>
Why do they regulate the speed on a freeway? view>>>
Do ducks turn into swans when they get older? view>>>
FUCK! Why can I not get off on my own?!?!? Who says a girl always need a man. I DON'T. Yet I still have this permanent reminder of why I feel I need one... Ugh. view>>>
Would you eat an apple in the public? view>>>
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