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Last night, I dreamt that myself and my best friend met up. As a side note, we havent spoken since the end of summer, when she accused me of lying to her. Weve been inseparable for 4 years, and right before i go to college ( she didnt get into school so shes staying in our hometown) and one accusati... view>>>
My taste in music is impeccable. view>>>
so unorginized. SHUT UP!!!!! view>>>
The page where you add your thoughts says "Add New Thought". It made me think of the New Thought Religion. view>>>
I have found that reading my notes aloud helps me learn them. I have to do this alone though or else I look like an idiot...especially when I add on the english accent.. view>>>
If you start off anything with "Don't think I'm creepy but..." you probably shouldn't say it at all. Replacable words for creepy include crazy, psycho, etc. view>>>
I suck at reading. Whenever I see some text in all caps or the end of a chapter my eyes always jump to it and the effect of the text is ruined. I have learned now that once the corner of my eye catches this first, I cover up the text with my hand until I get to it. view>>>
guys are S-O flipping confusing and yet they say girls are! what the freakin hell?? view>>>
What 1971 Western novel by Jack M. Bickham became the basis for a 1975 Disney action comedy starring the late Bill Boxby? ANSWER: The Apple Dumpling Gang. view>>>
Indonesia produces a premium coffee known as Kopi Luwak or Kopi Luak, which means "coffee luak." The luak, or palm civet, is a small mammal native to the islands of Indonesia that has a particular fondness for the fruit of the coffee plant. The beans pass through its system undigested (rather like... view>>>
What sidekick on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien played the Jeopardy! Celebrity Tournament for a chance to win the total daily cash prize? Answer: Andy Richter view>>>
speak when necessary, listen always. view>>>
We all work with one infinite power! view>>>
Cops can be pesky sometimes. Other times they can be helpful. view>>>
There are many people out there that want to scam you! view>>>
I'm Adam. view>>>
Where relationships come and go, the Red Sox are forever. view>>>
Ignore all of the dumb people. view>>>
Guys are useless! view>>>
Words without experience are just dribble! view>>>
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