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Random Insults

Shove your dick in your ass and fuck yourself dry view>>>
You are an evil, evil man! view>>>
You stupid pirate hooker! Go back to your home on whore island! view>>>
Loose some weight b4 you hug me view>>>
Your mother is a blastended skank! view>>>
Go jiz a rainbow view>>>
Go fuck yourself! view>>>
You're a Jungle Junkie! view>>>
Some people are real bastards! view>>>
You are a dirty lowlife dog! view>>>
When you see my cock, I hope it gives you hell! view>>>
You are rather dumb. view>>>
How do doctors implant a woman who has no job, 6 other kids, no home etc with 8 MORE EMBRYOS? Octomom needs to get a life! view>>>
Conservatives suck. view>>>
Eewwww!!! Pop your pimple! But, don't let no one see you do it! view>>>
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