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Random Facts

Cinco de Mayo. A tradition many Americans take as a chance to boast Old Glory and denounce the “Mexican” holiday. In truth, the day is celebrated by countless more Americans and primarily only in one city, Puebla, by our neighbors down South. Furthermore, the day commemorates a Mexican victory o... view>>>
I need another ticket view>>>
The world is gonna end cos the polar chocolate is melting and rainforests are not raining enough! view>>>
since uue talking behing my back uue can easy down and kiss my ass!!!! view>>>
Her profession is sex. Her vagina is gaping. view>>>
Why are steps called steps outside, but stairs inside .... view>>>
there is 10 times more tar in a cigar that a pack of cigarettes. view>>>
When children found out thet Santa Claus wasn't real, they started believing in God... others, grew up! view>>>
Sometimes when I'm really bored at work I drink a lot of water so I can go to the bathroom. view>>>
Japanese teacher is going upstairs...She's really annoying :( view>>>
مرحبا view>>>
My daughter got her room assignment in the residence hall at Northwestern University today, and from the pictures of the rooms, dorms haven't changed in the 38 years since I went away to college: still small, still cluttered, still very basic! view>>>
Socio-path 101: If you know what people's perceptions of you are, you can play off of them. view>>>
The Bruins won the Stanley Cup 2011! view>>>
The Bruins got 4 points in the first 10 minutes of game 6 in 2011 Stanley Cup! They are surely to win this & it is going on to game 7 where they are going to win! Hell Yeah! Go Bruins! view>>>
Facebook: Neither a face nor a book view>>>
I peed in the sink. view>>>
According to Einstein, as one approaches the speed of light, ones surrounding must slow time down, in order for ones relative speed to never approach the speed of light. Saying that, is it not safe to assume that as our technologies grow, our maximum speed of travel will rise? This would mean that t... view>>>
I have several last names... Laura Allen, Laura Urban, Laura Kelly, Laura Avary, Laura Beckett, Laura Gaskarth, Laura Lambert, Laura Salvatore, Laura Someerhalder etc,,, view>>>
there's a talking donkey in the bible [book of numbers 22-25...ish]. mind blown. view>>>
Thomas Jefferson was an archaeologist ahead of his time. view>>>
Cherry ring pops taste like jello. view>>>
Nils Lofgren was in the band Grin view>>>
I like your pants. view>>>
did u know that a ostrich's eye is bigger than his brain lol view>>>
If jimmey cracks corn and no one caress then why do they write a song about him? view>>>
alina loves trevor... go figure? view>>>
Is it just me, or are 80% of the people in the people you may know feature on Facebook people that I do know, but I deliberately choose not to be friends with? view>>>
One sponge can have as many as 7 billion microbes growing in its damp, dark crevices. After that, the kitchen sink drain, the faucet, cutting boards, and fridge handles are areas you might want to wipe down with obsessive regularity. The kitchen faucet tested in one particular study had 229,000 mi... view>>>
i have to feel my air...to see if i'm cold view>>>
i have.........NEVER...had toe socks... view>>>
call 315-767-2059 and wish her a happy 21st birthday!! view>>>
I know the first 50 digits of Pi! Here we go ( I SWEAR BY MY LIFE I AM TYPING FROM MEMORY PLZ BELIEVE ME!) 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510 what now! Think I'm wrong? Well! Then check me. Go to a Pi sharing website and check me! And seriously, I typed this from memory. Please bel... view>>>
People aren't much different than robots... view>>>
Bill Gates is said to have Asperger's Syndrome. view>>>
I like toast :] view>>>
Space curves around matter. You can see a star that is directly behind the sun. view>>>
Some items are more useful than others. view>>>
Go Away You Dirty Spammer! view>>>
Odontophobia is the fear of teeth. view>>>
Chihuahuas are feisty, man. view>>>
Blood is definitely NOT thicker than water. view>>>
The color purple is my favorite of all the colors. view>>>
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