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Random Curiosity

can you juice a potato? view>>>
If you plugged your nose and your ears while you sneeze would your head explode? view>>>
Since they say birds evolved from dinosaurs, does that mean that velociraptor tasted like chicken? Or does chicken taste like velociraptor? view>>>
What questions come into your mind when you hear the words, "NBI" or "National Bureau of Investigation"? view>>>
Is the sun really there? view>>>
I once saw an episode of the Simpsons where Homer and the family made a tent connected to the freezer on a hot summer day when the A/C was out. I wonder if that really works... view>>>
Infinite randomness is somewhat intriguing to the minds of commoners though it may seem that it will inevitably be always speedthought. view>>>
If someone tried to mug you, but felt so bad about how little money you had they actually forced you to take money, would it still be considered a mugging? view>>>
If girls with big boobs work at hooters do girls with one leg work at IHOP? view>>>
who's the wierdo that decided to put raisins in brioche or anything else for that matter...yummy croissant with snots view>>>
If we were all born in cream puffs instead of hospitols of homes would we all be brain dead?? view>>>
Why are there no pride parades for straight people? view>>>
Random thought; years ago there were pure breed and mixed breed dogs. Mixed breed dogs were for the most part were considered mutts. Now there "designer" or "hybrid" dogs costing as much or more than pure breeds. Now if I shove a candy bar up a dogs ass is that a snickerdoodle?, and will you pay 200... view>>>
you ever wonder what keeps your skin from falling off? view>>>
i wonder if jelly babies can sing view>>>
DRUG TESTING! If anyone know how to pass one i need advice please?!!! Thanks yall view>>>
if vegitarians eat vegtables then what do humanitarians eat...? view>>>
So What if You where walking down the hollywood walk of fame and come to walk across Pairs Hiltion Eating out Nikki Minaj and Geting FUCKED by Andy Sixx... What would your reaspons be??? BEE CRAZYYYYYY view>>>
Why does the milk left over after you are done eating the cereal always taste better when you drink if off the spoon rather that straight out of the bowl?? view>>>
if your enemys try to ruin you why would you pray for them? view>>>
I wonder if Stevie Wonder owns a TV view>>>
If humans have shark week; do sharks have human week? view>>>
Mario is a Italian pumber created by Japanese people, who speaks english & looks like a mexican dude. What a great mix they made there! view>>>
So they say they lab test every condom before they box it up and sell it.. Well WHAT IF... the machine they use to test them made them weak and then you go to use it and that becomes the straw to break the camels back.. ya dig? view>>>
Where do the bodies go of people who sink in quicksand? view>>>
There are more comments than thoughts here. Do you tend to ponder or react at first? view>>>
I Wonder if I will ever get to see this thought again.... ~Carma view>>>
y do all black people like fried chicken?? view>>>
If you make a cow laugh, would milk come out its nose? view>>>
http://twitter.com/#!/mckennarjackson well, there you have it. you follow me, ill follow you. view>>>
I wonder when I will die? Or will I. view>>>
if somebody drink red bull and jump off a buliding because they thought they can fly can their family sue i mean false advertisement #Random view>>>
Why is it that our movie food is loud, crunchy popcorn? view>>>
I was just thinking.. When people are nervous, they get butterflies in their stomach. So does that mean that butterflies get humans in their stomachs when they're nervous..? view>>>
im 16 im sheltered by my parents and i wanna fuck someone!!! view>>>
I'm Just Curious...Wouldn't this App be So Much Better....if it Listed Where in the World we Are From?!? That was one of the main reasons why I added it to my profile. wtf? view>>>
Can walruss' climb tall buildings?! view>>>
Why do patients in the hospital tell nurses they are going to tell the doctor on them when they dont get their own way, just like grade school children? Do they really think nurses are scared patients are going to tell on them....hahaha, dont kid yourself, they forget about it as soon as they walk ... view>>>
I wonder why is there anything in the world? view>>>
What would it be like to have sex with Superman, cause i mean he is the man of steel... view>>>
pufferfish amaze me. view>>>
the cow says woof imma frog! view>>>
how did ppl find out about milk? Did someone just ramndomly say "let me pull on this and drink wat comes out? :) view>>>
How many ring pops does it take to look like a pimp?? view>>>
Isn't it weird how you never see "Phychic wins lottery!" in the newspaper? view>>>
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