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Racing Thoughts

I think I'm probably bi. On top of that, I have the biggest crush on this transexual guy that I met about a year or so ago, and I can't stop thinking about him. I have tried so hard to keep my mind on other things, but that always manages to creep into my life somehow. This all scares the shit out o... view>>>
I can't sit still for falling flat view>>>
I just need someone to talk to. view>>>
I have a need to share with someone anyone how much I hate my niece. She lies she steals she is perhaps the biggest waste of space in history. She took and sold a wedding ring that my father gave my mother 50 years ago. She has burned every bridge and hurt anyone who has ever helped her. Today she t... view>>>
Do I need aderall? view>>>
I am white. Why cant i say nigga? view>>>
random random random racing through my mind view>>>
I wouldn't go close enough to you to throw a rock at you, but if I did get close enough to throw a rock at you, I would! view>>>
I'm just an ordinary guy with no extraordinary talents/Only a regular guy who tries to coordinate and balance view>>>
flyyyyyyyyyyyy view>>>
I need something new in my life...excitement and change! view>>>
Does he know that I want to get to know him? It drives me up the wall whenever he posts. This isnt like me at all. I am never like this. what is going on? Do i like him, or is this some kind of supernatural power...? I dont know what to believe... view>>>
..running down the road but I saw him from an above angle,as if I were a bird peering over his shoulder.. view>>>
Smoke some of this: view>>>
Fuck you and all that you stand for! view>>>
I just drank 5 cups of coffee! view>>>
Crackers are good! view>>>
They are coming down, really fast. It was like they were, well, it was really crazy. Holy shit! So, they were coming towards me. Oh my god! Oh no! OK, they were doing crazy stuff! view>>>
REBEL! REBEL! view>>>
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