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Positive Thoughts

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You are beautiful, No matter what they say Words can't bring you down. view>>>
About a month ago, I finally got a prescription for Adderall. It changed my life. If I could give this drug a hug, I would. view>>>
copy and paste if u argree if Justin Beiber was on a 1,000,000 foot building about to jump I would grab a chair, get popcorn, and yell "Do a back flip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" view>>>
I thought of you then smiled view>>>
Look at today with a positive start. If it ends up being the worst day of your life, as long as you're not dead, look at tomorrow with a positive start. view>>>
I masterbated so fast my hand and pinis cought on fire view>>>
dont eat a toco while hanging upside down. it doesnt work. I swear view>>>
I will get through this. Don't give up now, coz then you'll have to start ALL OVER AGAIN. You're doing SO well - don't quit now! In a couple of days you'll be feeling really great - I promise! Just keep going.... view>>>
this website is AWESOME view>>>
Eat more Chaicken. P.S - not concluding chickens P.P.S- GO Cows view>>>
you can do ANYTHING :) view>>>
Yesterday my fortune cookie told me "You will bring sunshine into someones life tomorrow." I'm excited to see who that person could be :] view>>>
Without you in my life, I have found a new purpose without you in my life, there is no more struggle Without you in my life, all the anguish is gone You were my poison, but someone gave me the cure Without you in my life, I can do what I want Without you in my life, everything is possible Wi... view>>>
Broken hearts do get better...hang in there...and don't give in ...don't give up...and don't contact them or you'll regret it later. view>>>
Been talking to myself better, and how I wish I knew me better.... and it feels like me on a good day view>>>
Some call it Over confidence.... some say confide nce ...... I think its "POSITIVE THINKING" view>>>
Why does it take more muscles to frown then to smile? I think there's a reason... :) view>>>
I just hope they have cats, computers and blackberrys on the other world...they are waaay to cool to leave behind. view>>>
You are all right. For a human. view>>>
Its so nice to have family and friends who care. For a week almost two I've been sick. A friend brought me two sodas and a ba of grapefruits. My mom had some soup for me. Do you have people who really care. Is it your personality that push people away. Maybe, its self esteem or you have a n... view>>>
I haven't had a cigarette in 3 weeks and 2 days. I couldn't be more proud of myself! view>>>
impossible things happen everyday view>>>
What I focus my attention on today becomes my reality. To focus my attention on the negative is simple, to focus on the positive requires a commitment to my higher self. view>>>
love makes this world a happier place. view>>>
People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. view>>>
Discipline yourself, so no one else has to. view>>>
Things are not what they seem. Think before you act. You could breakdown a fire if you think before you act. It's not easy I know. Paula www.cdbaby.com/paulabenson view>>>
Dirty Ass Spammers! view>>>
+1, +2, +3, +n, ... view>>>
S/he who reads this, will have got luck today! view>>>
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