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Political Thoughts

Let's all picket a Westboro Baptist Church picket! view>>>
Picket Westboro Baptist Church! view>>>
Yes...lets elect someone (Santorum) immersed in social politics; abortion, contraception and other nonsense when this country is absolutely falling apart financially...GET SERIOUS ABOUT REAL ISSUES AND RESEARCH A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE THAT KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING! view>>>
Fuck capitalism and it's prehistoric principles! view>>>
News Flash: The takeover of our political system is now complete! The big corporations, including all of the major media, own both major parties and the politicians that currently run our government and control our political discourse and process. The corporations are calling all the shots. Get r... view>>>
I can't wait I can't wait until there is a security camera on every corner like there is down Bealey Ave I can't wait until the government maintains a secret blacklist of internet websites like the one held by the Department of Internal Affairs I can't wait until police powers are extended ... view>>>
Disaster Averted, Almost When the network broke in on the Jeopardy broadcast we could scarcely believe what we were hearing. Lush Rimbaugh had been found dead in a bathroom at his home. Initial reports said he had apparently aspirated into... view>>>
One nation under God.. or else. One nation under psychopathic pentagon gangsters. One nation under Wall street. One nation drowning in it's own garbage, indivisible from the fall of Rome, with liberty and justice for all who can afford it. The more they dole out freedom over there, the less we se... view>>>
obama was only elected because he was black view>>>
Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house view>>>
I thought Obama was a bad person because he has the power to stop evil but doesn't. I guess his actions in Libya (a little late) show that he is not that bad of a person. He still won't get my vote in 2012. view>>>
we cant we see that banks run the country and rip us off everyday without a care in the world and we just let it happen. view>>>
Opera is my hero! She should run for president in 2012! view>>>
What are your thoughts on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's recent comments on Muslim immigrants? view>>>
The previous administration blames the current administration while the current administration blames the previous administration. What happened to that old mantra of "If you ain't with us then you's against us." or "If you live in the good ol US of A then he is YOUR PRESIDENT."? Politics are such b... view>>>
"GAY MARRIAGE IS DEFILING THE SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE," -the man with divorce papers in his hand. view>>>
Nothing we do will change anything. Nothing anything does will change anything. It will be the same bull shit with a different name. We can have opinions on how things should be, and we might even accomplish a few of the goals; but people will still be people, and people are stupid, selfish, and laz... view>>>
Austria is an integral part of Germany. view>>>
Random Thought: Nuclear Warfare is bad. countries are buying nukes left and right. think about this: If Russia buys nukes, than Iraq will steal them, is iraq steals them they are gonna shoot BOTH americas.If they hit north america then theyll hit canada , if they hit canada then theylle hit th pigs,... view>>>
omg a talking muffin view>>>
Fuck Nationalism. view>>>
stupid greeks. your precious "communism" is not all about the state providing for you. It's also about YOU contributing to your state. try fixing things for once instead of striking again and pointing outraged fingers at everyone but yourselves. [a greek annoyed with her countrymen and women] view>>>
is obama realy evil? view>>>
If guns kill people where are mine hiding all the bodies view>>>
why not pull all troops from afganistan and bomb the hell out of al-queida/taliban hide outs in those mountains and caves eliminating a majority of the terrorist leaders,that would send a very clear message and save the lives of many young men and women fighting the war on terror.it would cost less ... view>>>
Double Standard #2012: As the Bush administration prepared an energy policy, they were widely criticized for meeting with representatives and lobbyists from the oil industry; it became Cheney's policy to assist his oil buddies. As Obama attempts to craft a new health care policy, his administr... view>>>
What will replace our melting U.S. Dollars?Hyper inflation! view>>>
Here is a Glimpse of what Government run health care will be like: http://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/11/16/mammography.recommendation.changes/index.html Women in their 40's should not get mammograms to help detect breast cancer while it is still curable! view>>>
Awesome! Robert McDonnell is the new Republican governor of Virginia! Hopefully the Republicans take back congress in 2010! The way the Democrats are performing, it looks like they will! view>>>
Is it possible to be a politian without lying? view>>>
The British have no buisiness in Ireland. they caused enough death, heartbreak and sadness. Support the IRA. Its like if America decided to control a large portion of Canada and just started a mini war view>>>
So, Obama is for killing babies but against killing terrorists? :/ Hmm... Makes you think. view>>>
I am working hard to stop that HR3200 bill and to stop amnesty for illegals. If you care to help go to http://www.alipac.us/article4517.html and Grassfire.org view>>>
Don't be afraid of the future! Get involved. You can make a diff. I didn't know this til I decided to take the time to find places that I could get good info from and learned how to participate and voice my opinion to help make change. view>>>
That is so sad that the public is now opposing the war in Afghanistan. Do people forget what happened only eight years ago? People are so stupid. They need to triple the number of troops over there and make sure that Al-Qaeda and the Taliban don't exist what so ever! view>>>
I wish we still had a good president! view>>>
Obama reminds me of the leader of the army that invades Greece in the 300 movie. He even looks like him! view>>>
Obama only put a wreath at the site of the Pentagon attack, but not at the World Trade Center. That is because he only supports the government and the WTC was all businesses, so he wasn't so sad about the WTC. view>>>
Obama is the man. view>>>
I love America, I just hate the American government! view>>>
Money is the new religion. It allows the "government" figure to control people. view>>>
please keep this going. what is the best thing that could happen for the world? i think we should all be united but still seperate, the power should be in the peoples hands, and we should all be able to live comrortably and be in good health. view>>>
Google Ron Paul! view>>>
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