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Negative Thoughts

Sometimes I feel like I can't be sad because I have to be happy so I can cheer my friends up. view>>>
I have an idea. Lets have a pretty lady with a headset on featured on a used auto parts website. I think that she may depict the perfect auto part professional and has a vast knowledge of the inner workings of all aspects of any used auto part that a person may need. view>>>
Is anyone else pissed off that Kristen Stewart is in the new snow white movie? WTF. Seriously, WTF?! view>>>
fuck niggers, jews rule!!! view>>>
I feel like none of my friends give a damn about anything I do for them, They never even attempted to do anything nice. view>>>
I gave up 10 months of "sobriety" for one night that obviously meant completely nothing. :( Why couldn't I have been stronger? view>>>
Yes white people. Keep making babies with hot Asians. It'll wipe you scum off the earth faster. view>>>
I haven't eaten in 2 days. view>>>
I fuckin hate that stupid ass bitch in class who's always taking over the professor like she can run the class. view>>>
Looking back I'm suprised I ever thought I could finish college. view>>>
My boss stinks. Like really physically smells like a bad smell. I want to tell her that showering each day is customary in our culture. I'd rather quit than have to keep smelling her every day. There. I said it. view>>>
My good mood is always ruined by thoughts of the past or him. view>>>
Shelly, don't act like I haven't told you that . I have emails and emails proving I have told you that. You just aren't smart enough to do it. view>>>
I've never had such an empty Christmas in my life. I had gifts and family, but you didn't even show me a care in the world. You're supposed to be my boyfriend, yet you couldn't care less. I feel like I'd be better off single. So much for two years. view>>>
I can't think find one positive thing to say about myself. view>>>
Why Literally Sticking My Face in a Book Sounds Better Than Using Facebook (Or, List of Reasons That Facebook is Totally Fucking Stupid) Unless you are a creepy breed of social butterfly, I can't imagine wanting to see and celebrate every keystroke made by your old high school acquaintances and r... view>>>
Fuck the entertainment business. And fuck casting directors who have no respect for actors' time or talent. view>>>
Zoe thinks I'm a weirdo I'll bet...but then again, doesn't everyone? view>>>
Why have them? make em positive view>>>
I cant realy think up a happy thought right now to depo view>>>
If I had to choose between getting rid of this computer and getting rid of my mom - I'd get rid of my mom in a snap. I'm sick of this monkey bitch. Yes, what a horrible child I am. view>>>
It could have been this that night. But no, you had to be a little bitch and walk out >:O So it was just me and him. view>>>
This is the second time that I'm doing this. I just can't get you out of my mind, Michael. But I also can't tell you how I feel. I'm not in the mood for my heart to be spit on, broken, and then set on fire. Also, I think I'd lose it and just freak out on you. Sorry if this is crazy, I'm slightly fuc... view>>>
I think I love you Michael. I think I love how talk you are and how that would make me feel safe when we hugged. Or how beautiful your ocean eyes are and how they perfectly match your hair. I think that I love how intelligent you are and how I always seem to learn something new whenever I talk to yo... view>>>
Insomnia...because it's wayyy easier than suicide. view>>>
Mercedes Gant is a fucking prostitution whore from the Seattle area who gives out random phone numbers and doesn't pay her bills. view>>>
what happened to all the women of real substance? if u like jersey shore, you are the new breed of woman, error "girls" i hate view>>>
One day you'll think of me as a big mistake... Eventually you'll forget me... Yeah, that seems like you... You'll find happiness... I will always remember you... And love you... And think of how things could've been... If you would only change... Negative thoughts... Damn... view>>>
Dont you just love it when you learn that everything someone told you was a lie... including the three words "I Love You" view>>>
Where the hell am I screwing up so bad? Why am I not learning from my mistakes? view>>>
Life's a bitch. If it were easy, it'd be a slut. view>>>
I was not made for love. view>>>
they see me strollin, they hatin view>>>
a million questions, one answer view>>>
I hated Letters to Juliet, stupid white people view>>>
I'm sad because I didn't get to run in the track meet today because one of my events i missed and the other was cancelled. :( view>>>
When you are scared of failure, you'll probably fail view>>>
I love you. I do. I have never been more disgusted by a person before though. You lay next to me in bed, breathing through your mouth as you pop the foul smelling zits in your fat rolls. You are an amazing person, my heart is yours.. but fuck... clean yourself up. I've tried so hard to help you... view>>>
Say u like me one day then my bestie the nxt?! what's ur prob dude??? view>>>
sex has become a game. you dont have a choice, you have to play. you have the dice. now its time to pick your character. this game has no iron or shoe. choose wisely... to be a whore or not to be a whore. you arent asexual like a smurf. your pointless human emotions could get in the way, are you dtf... view>>>
Sometimes all you want to feel is cold and sad and alone and hopeless and rained-upon and dirty and worthless and lonely and stupid and wretched and betrayed and unwelcome because it's all you CAN feel. view>>>
This girl that I have to live with for two weeks got me sick because she coughs EVERYWHERE and doesn't have any boundaries.. and she's getting on my nerves because she's just mean to me and she thinks I'm not sick. WTF view>>>
I wonder why people seem to despise me so. view>>>
why here/ why now....danm it view>>>
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