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Motivational Thoughts

We can only if we think we can.. view>>>
I bet no one has ever done a backflip while eating a lollipop painting their nails and doing a pony tail view>>>
While at Disney World with my newlywed husband, We heard a little boy telling his mom "IT'S DISNEY WORLD! JUST DO IT!!" This became our mantra for scary things we didnt want to do, or expensive things we didn't want to spend for.Sometimes you just have to do it. :) You never know what you're missing... view>>>
Once, I thought about motivation, then i got motivated.... sometimes thats all it takes view>>>
Vote republican view>>>
"Some day I'll fly, Some day I'll soar, Some day I'll be so much more... Because I'm bigger than my body give me credit for." view>>>
If you get that feeling in your stomach when somethings on, you know what to do. view>>>
You are a super hero! Go get your cover now! view>>>
Check your e-mail. view>>>
Spring clean out your computer. Clean out all the music you don't like. Delete all old school papers. Delete all the pictures you don't like, have outgrown, or only needed for a short time anyway. Get Dropbox for the stuff you do need. view>>>
move yo ass fatty view>>>
PUSHHHHH PUSHHHHH PUSHHHHHHHHH (insert baby here) view>>>
smoke weed....drink once or twice...sneak out....sex....fun.....sounds like 90% of people. the other 10% will never learn what life is truley about. dont be a coke head, prostitute, dumb dick head.....just live yah know. BTW Pennsylvania is boring dont come here for vacation...seriously?? especially... view>>>
I'm not all that smart, but I've been around a really long time, and I have a really good memory. view>>>
OAS and special recognition view>>>
Proof them they are wrong, proof everybody that you can do it. That motivates you to reach your goal. view>>>
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee view>>>
Bite me so I can sue you view>>>
Get a goal, an objective. Then work for it. Set yourself another. Then work for that. view>>>
i wonder if i can be a pornstar view>>>
Just because you've been married 28 years doesn't mean there's any equity to preserve. It's not like union seniority. view>>>
Put all your effort into changing your perspective from pessimistic to optimistic. Noticeably wonderful things will come into your life. view>>>
Open your eyes 2 d wonderful things surrounding your life. Is there something u took for granted? It''s never too late to show appreciation. view>>>
Anyone that says magick and miracles don't exist never met me! view>>>
eat cake!!!! view>>>
NIGGERRR!!!!!! view>>>
"I will live in the faith that the whole world is on my side so long as I remain true to thebest that is in me" view>>>
Do not wait until tomorrow to do that "thing" you know you should do NOW - Tomorrow never comes, it is always NOW..... view>>>
Nice guys don't finish last, they last to finish. view>>>
You shut your mouth when your talking to me!! view>>>
go SPIT! on SpittingOut! www.spittingout.com view>>>
I'm the tpe of girl, that get's hit by parked cars...... view>>>
Age and treachery will always overcome Youth and Vigor!!! LOL view>>>
Expectations. Its great to hold expectations, better to meet them. But time and time again, expectations are set too high and lives come crashing down. Too often people are depressed, too often people are stressed because they can't meet the massive expectations themselves or others place upon them.... view>>>
If you tell the truth you won't have to remember anything..... view>>>
Repost this thought. view>>>
I'm going to shoot you in the foot if you don't work harder! view>>>
Learn to swim! view>>>
Try harder! Much harder! view>>>
Go Broncos! They are the best football team ever! view>>>
Live, love, laugh and dream! view>>>
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