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A super duper dweeb! view>>>
Does Canada have a good army? I'm pretty sure they do. SInce, Canada is friendly with the US we should form some sort of super country. We could kick the shit out of Russia, CHina, or the middle east. Think about it: US's navy, army, technology, and education standards + Canada's open land, army, an... view>>>
You know what the right thing to do is, so do it. view>>>
If I could go back and do it all over again I'd probably hate it and want to come back to where I am know. view>>>
ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! view>>>
I can leave without you .... ..... I just don't want to. view>>>
i'm so borrrrrrrrrrrrrrred view>>>
Do it NOW, or never... view>>>
A wise man once said "everything is difficult in the beginning". You once found walking almost impossible, yet you kept trying. Now, you can run! In the same way, all difficult tasks can be made easy with practice, determination and courage. view>>>
The moment you wake up you should feel happy to have done so. Cause sometimes I don't and what ends up happening is I am totally late for stuff. Then I also get really hungry from lack of sustinance and I become so tired that I forget what hunger feels like so I don't remember how to eat and then ... view>>>
Vibrational flatulence. view>>>
Never mud-wrestle with a pig. You just get dirty, and the pig likes it. view>>>
There is absolutely nothing wrong with a $5 hooker. view>>>
everyone who has ever done anything important, started off just like us view>>>
Things are looking up, especially if they are little view>>>
(continued from previous thought) Only the day before, the door of room 87A at Tampa Municipal Hospital had opened. Pastor Lester had entered, and by the time he left, two very big cats were out of their bags. For, it was then revealed by Gerry to Pastor Lester that she had been impregnated by B... view>>>
Understanding the worth of doors is key, but critical. Perhaps just as important is knowing how to navigate doors. Life's successes hinge on entering or exiting the right doors, to the right places, at the right times. Actually, even the Bible refers to the merit of doors--the Lord opens doors th... view>>>
A door is a point of passage, an entry or an exit, a means of access or egress. Doors are a vital part of any structure. Without them, there exists no means by which to penetrate the various walls on the outside or the inside of an edifice. Yea, devoid of no less than a primary entrance door, a bu... view>>>
Life is a lot like those tootsie rolls that some jerk threw in the catbox. Yeah there is a lot of shit, but you keep on going because they are just too good to miss out on. view>>>
Its not hard to fail, but it's not easy to win. view>>>
All is fair in love and war. view>>>
Ain't nothing going to hold me back. view>>>
Time ain't nothin' like money--some folks gots moe money, but everybody gots the same 'mount uh time. From GFB Grown Fokes Bidniss by Hall-Crews view>>>
I like to fart in my hand and put it in peoples faces. LOL. view>>>
The world is certainly too big for you to change. Stick with changing yourself. You will do tremendous profits to the word. view>>>
Be thankful for d difficult times. How else will you grow? How else will u learn to be humble? How else will u understand those who suffer? view>>>
Sucking hairy ballsacs never tasted so sweaty. view>>>
waffles is better than pancakes. they is more crispier view>>>
dont be afraid to be different or weird, no one does it better than you:) you can't have love and an easy life rules are made to be broken thunder only happens when it's raining, and players only love you when they're playing view>>>
I will never fall to anyone especially if they threaten you, and they think they run you. I will only fall to God. Dont fall to anyone, and hold your head up high and dont let anything that causes a problem towards you get in your way!! view>>>
If the sky is the limit then why are people on the moon? view>>>
Now that i'm 45,it's not the years i count,it's the memories view>>>
i was walking in the woods one day, when a fox came my way,hello did he say,before he eat my heart that day. view>>>
My nails are red and sparklie :D view>>>
Remember that I love you! view>>>
More than winning, victory lies in inspiring to win!!! view>>>
Even though Wolverine can totally kick Spider-Man's ass, Spider-Man is still cooler view>>>
drowning.......... view>>>
Thinking bout plaid skirts, high heels and Bikes... Hope she is ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! view>>>
Sip a warm cup of tea and breathe deeply. Enjoy living in the moment. view>>>
It took us so long to get our head around the idea that the Earth was round,I wonder what else we are having trouble "Getting our head around?" view>>>
As good as any. Better than most. view>>>
Life", is what you make it, so make it big". There's no going back . So smile for the world and hope it smiles back at you . view>>>
Real men falls down 7 times and gets up 8 view>>>
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