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Funny Random Thoughts

Ever thought if the light you see at the end of the tunnel when you die is just you being re-born into teh next life? view>>>
Uhhh, not again. My brother is yelling at his friend Cory through Xbox Live- again. "Cory, RUN, RUN. He's gonna get you!!!!." Who knew 15 year olds could be so lame. view>>>
Ok, so the other day a friend and I were watching The Notebook. And there was a guy named Noah. And I kept calling him Chris because he looks like this guy! Youtube.com/christoforchuk view>>>
The dirt under my toes remind me of Miles Finch from ELF! view>>>
What would life be like without elbows? view>>>
If you plant a midget in miracle grow will they grow taller? view>>>
You know what I was thinking today? When a spider comes down off the ceiling on its web, does it tickle its butt? view>>>
Hey why are you eating those jelly beans with your toes!! view>>>
Can boys suck their own cock? view>>>
what is an apple view>>>
Why do you cook bacon and bake cookies? Hmm... view>>>
Don't stare at my dinosaur!!!!!!!! view>>>
How to Know where a Driver is from One hand on wheel, one hand on horn: New York One hand on wheel, one finger out window: Chicago One hand on wheel, one hand on newspaper, foot solidly on accelerator: Boston One hand on wheel, cradling cell phone,brick on accelerator: California Wi... view>>>
If a contract says "sign here", do I write "here" in the blank? view>>>
What happens if I step on the grass? view>>>
Funny thing: weather you were to travel to the past or future You would always end up in the present the present of that time view>>>
I don't know why I keep calling people gay when I'm drunk. I either think they are other people that I know who are gay, or I think that they really are gay. I'm a straight girl. I've pissed off a lot of people. view>>>
I'm so good at sleep, I can do it with my eyes closed. view>>>
I'm a fungi! Get it? Fun Guy, but it is spelled fungi like a singular fungus. Ha, ha, ha. I'm so funny! I'm a very funny guy! view>>>
Wouldn't it be a cool idea to take all the movies starting Avengers and edit them so they can be viewed in chronological order? I would be all like, "Meanwhile, in Asgard..." view>>>
I hate when you live in college dorms and theres a bunch of people hanging out in the hallway rite by the bathroom door and you need to go take a poop lmao view>>>
At what age do we as humans decide its ok to go poop at work? view>>>
Ritz Crackers are delish view>>>
Dude turtles are AWSOME!!!!!! view>>>
Dance like a muppet! view>>>
Disco has Dubstepped its way Back on onto the technicolor dancefloor, I feel like drinking Tab cola and dancing at club Studio 54 after listening to love you like a love song view>>>
Life is like a pinball machine you either score points or lose your balls. view>>>
Just because a man points a gun at u and ask you for money, doesn't mean he's trying to sell you the gun view>>>
http://www.youtube.com/user/TheChickenGoesMOOO?feature=mhsn please check out my channel.! :D subscribe and i promise you wont regret it.! :] view>>>
What should happen to all spammers/scammers. You should be beaten to the very edge of death. Then once you make a full recovery, you'll find me waiting at your car. You'll start to run but it will be to late. I will be knocked out You wake up. You look down to find that you are tied to a stree... view>>>
i kissed a walnut today, have u? view>>>
Ssshhhhh, cuttlefish. view>>>
im imagining leprechauns dancing in a line singing irish folklore view>>>
this morning i imagined i was a unicorn shaped rainbow... view>>>
wowww omgee boreddd ...madd!!:} view>>>
ha ha mofo thats a funny word! view>>>
Scrotum... :DDD view>>>
I Wish We Be Any Animal We Want When We Die Cuz I Want To Be A Sloth Lol view>>>
why does dogs have tails. view>>>
I want Charlie Sheen and Tom Cruise to have a baby. view>>>
Why is it that in a house with over 1,500 square feet of space, my cat manages to puke a hairball on a magazine I haven't read that I only put down on the floor for a few minutes while I ran out to get something out of the car? view>>>
I think yogurt needs to take a shower. view>>>
Platypi live on Neptune view>>>
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