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Depressing Thoughts

I'm skinny, But i strive to be skinnier. I'm pretty, But i need to be prettier. I'm not a good dancer, but i put forth my effort into dance when i'm stressed or need a getaway. I cut, but i don't have a bad life, in fact my life couldn't be more then average. I have to live up to my friends exp... view>>>
Telling yourself that you're going to cry again... You look around your room and in a whisper your ask yourself "are you going to cry again?" and it all lets loose, because you have no control. You can't stop it, and don't know why... ~Self proclaimed Teen~ view>>>
For all you know, you've only got one more day to live. Worst part is, you haven't done much of anything with your life have you? Go out and try something you haven't, or die in regrets. view>>>
it says something about the world, when before getting a lethal injection, the inmate's arm is sterilised with an alcohol swab view>>>
I look around the office & I realize that me working in this place is in a way that I'm paying to society for being to coward to create my own business. view>>>
Light can travel to the infinite without return, so the hopes of a poor man. view>>>
This is the 2nd time a guy leaves me with no explanation, is it something i did or what tge fuck im seriously tired of trying cuz at the end im the one who gets heartbroken i never was with anybody else i never did anything wrong it kills me not knowing what wen justt wrong between us i wait to see ... view>>>
How much of my lifetime will I spend on the toilet? Years lost to grunting bowel movements? Fuck. view>>>
At least liam and Noel got to make it :( view>>>
I have a cell phone and all I use it for anymore is as an alarm clock. Where did all my friends go? view>>>
Going to sleep, hoping that you will never wake up again. view>>>
Man when is the cupboard going to get some food I've been checking every 10 minutes view>>>
I picked my degree to please my parents, but now they won't even come to my graduation because I am mentally ill - and they're ashamed. view>>>
torturing myself with every thought of you. view>>>
Boarding school people...I now feel your pain- brazilients view>>>
Self harm thoughts have been eating me alive. 6 months I've been clean, then last night I made a little cut on my finger. A little one, small enough to be a papercut. I have never felt worse view>>>
when you dont have the motivation, where do you go. view>>>
And then the clouds rolled in and with them the rain. And I was alone once again. view>>>
I'm never as good as the people around me. I have been given so much but have given nothing in return. People don't even place expectations on me anymore because they know I will let them down. My brother is going to study in Italy, he played sports, he works out, has a smart and pretty girlfriend (... view>>>
I have a lot to get off my chest, but even now I'm still afraid to say what I need to say. I haven't really told anybody everything. Only one person got close to kind of knowing some things. I don't even talk to them anymore though. I wish I weren't such a coward. I want to just say it and be free. view>>>
Someone I do not like, I guess I kinda hate, came today. Now my day got worse. view>>>
There used to be so many things that I wanted to say to you, but I never knew how. Now that you're gone, I know exactly how to say them. I know exactly how to sum them all up in three one-syllable words. I love you. view>>>
Hurt me all you want. But don't hurt me now. view>>>
No matter who you are in life One day you will be forgotten view>>>
We work our entire lives to accomplish and achieve but in the end we always die and loose all we once had view>>>
I'm a lesbian and nobody knows it. :( view>>>
It sucks when you tell everyone the reason you can't go to prom is because you can''t afford it, but really when it's that nobody seems to find it important enough that you even be there. view>>>
I guess once you realize you're alone in every way, you truley are upset. view>>>
Got no idea what is wrong with my body, chronic pain since i was born, and nobody believes me, because they can't find anything. Also i'm pretty sure it's fucking with my nervous system, what do? view>>>
Truly sad people don't cry themselves to sleep. They're out of tears by then. view>>>
All of my clothes smell like you. It only makes me cry harder that only one load of laundry ago, you couldn't get enough of me. view>>>
Now that I've lost you, I've realized something. I don't need a man. I just need you. view>>>
̶S̶o̶m̶e̶t̶i̶m̶e̶s̶ ̶I̶ ̶c̶r̶y̶.̶ Sometimes I stop crying. view>>>
I'm alone inside my head. view>>>
Every time I think of Michael Jackson, I get so sad :/ view>>>
I never thought it was possible to fuck everything up. I am not talking about a fuck up here and there but fucking up every single thing in life. I fucked up in high school and was a total loser. Next I fucked up my 1st year in college, got a girl pregnant....got married and fucked that up. ... view>>>
I regret not commiting suicide in highschool. Often. view>>>
the times when you want to cry, but you're not sure why. when you feel like giving up and tackling the world all at the same time. the times when you want someone to hold you, like they used to. why do things have to change? i want to replay the first two weeks over and over. this just feels like i'... view>>>
I have spent my whole life with one goal. That goal was to find a women to share my life with. I thought I found that women. After being together for 6 years I hit a ruff patch. I didn't drink, I was never unkind, I didn't do drugs. I just lost my strength for a few months. I was trying to become ev... view>>>
I don't know why you treat me the way you do after everything I've done for you and still do for you. Quite frankly, it pisses me off. view>>>
I have a droopy dog voice. I have saggy everything. I have yeast infection that could kill. I'm allergic to rubber-bands. I'm ruining my life with K-2 and mike's lemonade. It's hard for me to hear. I can no longer hear dog whistles :*( help I've fallen and i can't get up view>>>
I have a big nose, receding hair line, tinnitus, Social Anxiety Disorder, belly fat, body hair. view>>>
F@*k Oregon view>>>
I've had a chronic sinus infection for over a year and a half. The pressure in my head makes me stupid, anxious, and depressed. I used to pride myself on my charm, now I'm scared of the world and everyone in it. If I tell people about it, I'm complaining. If I don't tell people about it, they ju... view>>>
If it was guaranteed death, I would walk into traffic right now. But I don't want to do it and simply get injured or put in a coma. I need a guarantee that it would end things. view>>>
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