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Deep Thoughts

The sun is round. So why is it greater than 360 degrees? view>>>
Fuck them! view>>>
Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right and better.. view>>>
Everyone has it so easy. I mean someone could look at me and say that I have it pretty easy. And everyone could look at this and say that they have worse problems. But seriously, death would be a comfort right now. The very few people who call 'friends' are really just faces that I'm ... view>>>
Slap it on my ass ass ass ass ass. view>>>
If God made adam and eve and they mad us then who made god? does this mean every single person is related? if thats true does that mean that we marry our family? view>>>
If I were to die, I would want to be because I was giving my life for someone else. Because in those final moments I'll know that my life meant something. view>>>
Usually the saddest people in this world are the loneliest ones, because when they turn around there's never anyone there to listen to what they have to say. view>>>
Have I lost you? You speak to me like a stranger, you say I'm "different" now, but what has changed apart from your view of me? I don't understand. You were my best friend. view>>>
Sometimes, when I close my eyes... I can't see. view>>>
I like rice view>>>
I love giving blowjobs view>>>
There are three things that will make life easy or difficult, the first is sleep, the second is love and the third is money. view>>>
Hey Hey, I try to keep inside and act like I don’t want you but the truth is I think about you every day. Literally, every day I mean it. If I see some good looking girl pass by I just think damn you are way much better. I don’t know when it started but I think it was my 18th birthday. I saw ... view>>>
Youll never be anyone else, even if you die and go to heaven or wherever youll always be you. With all your faults and regrets. view>>>
Lately I've just really wanted to be a different person. Not at all because of who I am now or whether or not I like who I am/what I've got. I'm really just intensely curious as to how I would exist as someone else. If I lived in Vietnam for example, what would I eat, who would I love, would I be he... view>>>
I wonder if anyone on this planet is thinking about the exact same thing that I am thinking about right now. view>>>
what if i was mentally handicaped? and i thought i was normal and everyone in the world is just pretending im normal. or people are making fun of me. example: (real life)-i say something and everyone says this kid is a retard. but (in my head)- everyone says yeah youre so cool. view>>>
I wish I could go back to my 1970's self with the knowledge I have now and deal with people and situations as a grown up (I was in my 20's in the 70's) I can see so much clearer now and I could make my early life so much easier view>>>
this is why we don't wear pants view>>>
someday he will be here for new years eve view>>>
if someone says dont judge me to a person, than isn't that person judging the person judging them? view>>>
Toyota Priuses remind me of hamsters view>>>
hmmmmmmmm ahhaaaaaaa view>>>
www.youtube.com/thescottandlenshow view>>>
Do not assume that he who seeks to comfort you now, lives untroubled among the simple and quiet words that sometimes do you good. His life may also have much sadness and difficulty, that remains far beyond yours. Were it otherwise, he would never have been able to find these words. view>>>
everybody knows somebody who's anybody!!! view>>>
"Everything that exist isn't relative, it's what we know that's relative to what everything else is (or could be). I know I exist, I know that my thoughts exist, I know nothing more." - D. Rokkedahl view>>>
never trust no 1 everbody is out looking out for themself view>>>
Thought about losing someone precious view>>>
I'm trying to drink a lot of water to cleanse my inside; but, I fear that I would have to drink all the water from The Great Lakes to accomplish that! view>>>
If you think about life from the outside instead of being alive, what would you think. A game of chess? is it? you wont know untill you die, so if you do, please look up my IP address find me, and tell me what its like, I want to meet up with this so called death? view>>>
My boyfriend of three weeks stayed the night at my uni appartment last night, we spent the evening out at a sports bar where we watched a football match and I got more than a little tipsy, it was entertaining to sat the least. We spent most of the day together today and it was full of easy conversat... view>>>
By Jack Handy view>>>
I feel like I am stuck inside a tornado in a place that has no gravity... view>>>
i dont know what kills more brain cells. smoking pot or watching cartoon network. view>>>
Everybody that says something mean are jerks they tease you intill they choose to stop wicth might not be intill forever... So what do you do if it happens to you... well if they are doing it face to face then tell your parent or tell an adult that you trust or if you are being cyberbullyed and want... view>>>
I've felt so alone for so long that I've forgotten how to smile. view>>>
Why don't we eat Turkey eggs. Give the chickens a break every now and then eh? view>>>
Friendship is ...... view>>>
Lost dreams. view>>>
I don't like you. view>>>
Isn't it weird that things transported by automobile is called CARgo and things transported by ship is called a SHIPment??? Just was thinking... view>>>
its just a Rock. its revolving around a Star, and you are even smaller. what to do what to do what to do view>>>
is he trying 2 make me jealous..IDK.. and if he is...IT'S F****** WORKING!!!!!!!!!!! view>>>
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