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Crazy Thoughts

Ok, is it just me or would it be SO awesome to be in the FBI???? (comment your opion) view>>>
would etch-a-sketch be more interesting if space invaders came from the top and you had to protect what you had drawn? view>>>
I cant identify who's the real me..and who fucking is my other face! view>>>
Why is your penguin in the hot tub? view>>>
Maybe I watch too much TV. Maybe I listen to too much music. Maybe my mind is contaminated with over-dramatic thoughts giving me a false sense of self-confidence. But then again, maybe I really am special. Maybe I am different from everyone else. Maybe I can make of myself something that no one else... view>>>
Two hungry chickens, a fox and a hand full of chicken feed make for an interesting nights life lesson. view>>>
Can monkeys juggle? view>>>
the steak im eating is cover in the cow's urine view>>>
I wonder what would happen if you jumped out an airplane with nothing but a scuba suit, three goats, and a crossbow? view>>>
It would be awesome to drug everyone's food with viagra... view>>>
What are you going to do with all that wart? All that wart underneath your skirt. I'm gonna make, make, make it squirt. Make it squirt. Make it squirt. view>>>
Can i hide in your purse? view>>>
I wanna make gay babies with you. view>>>
Why, just why,are farts horrible smelling. Why can't they smell good, like no joke. view>>>
If people say violence is never a choice, whats the choice when someone asks you "what is never the choice to do"? -_- view>>>
I can see how people get to the point of suicide. If it were not for my kids and my need to not be my crappy father, I may have been broken down to that point already. view>>>
I'f you ever get pissed off about something, just tell everyone just one phrase: "fuck y'all motherfuckers!!!" view>>>
bid elephants penis view>>>
Sleepless due to caffeine,random thoughts and strange desres... view>>>
Distances are longer by bicicle than car view>>>
What would you say if someone said "Can I barrow your thumbs?" view>>>
Unicorns danced in my yard two minutes ago! view>>>
If I'm so unreachable why am I so close to the ground? view>>>
thinking that your parents arent ur parents any more and actually really thinking about it for real view>>>
I need someone really bad, Are you really bad? view>>>
No one ever wanted us to make it out at all. The darkness, the dripping sound, the darkness and the deep, it smothered us. Which way is up and which way is down? We can hear it coming, our doom and our salvation. Slowly it crept from the depths, each step a labored push to meet us. Why? Why here, w... view>>>
If you were a cow, would you be a meat eating cow or a vegetarian cow? view>>>
Kept in the dark I always felt lonely for things I cant explain I tell my self is it me or maybe I just feel like this because of what is around me . donít cry I tell my self whenever I feel down people my notice no they my feel sympathy and who likes that but who knows what they might be thinking ... view>>>
bread reading. view>>>
I feel no remorse today. People are sickening little creatures. They are just having fun, who cares if anyone else get's hurt, so long as they are having their laughs. Once there was a boy named Jack. Jack had many a laugh at other people's expense. Jack had a laugh at my expense. Jack woke up ti... view>>>
http://youtu.be/tEcZSGUv_ng view>>>
I wonder if there is a website where I can post my random thoughts... view>>>
Brown is the suede that mows our harvest. view>>>
Was swimming with my kid and thought, "wow the water is so wet" crap what a crazy thought view>>>
Remember the FIG! view>>>
If you feed a cow marijuana will u be able to get high off it's milk? view>>>
Which smells worse a cows fart or a persons? view>>>
I can't stop thingking about _ _ _. :p view>>>
That's not on the moon! view>>>
Flying llama bannanas!!! view>>>
Retarted People view>>>
I miss you much it hurts my head. I can't shake this feeling. I'll never get anything right. Say I don't min you under my skin. I'll let the bad thoughts in. view>>>
adsadadsada view>>>
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