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Beautiful Thoughts

I look at you and my heart melts. I didn't know what to say. I looked at you and you looked away. None of us knew what to say. ...But look at us down together, me and you, you and me. A start of a beautiful new beginning. From random 11 year old girl Xxx view>>>
never let the fear striking out. keep playing the game of life view>>>
http://youtu.be/cItHOl5LRWg view>>>
I really hope that the new beginning in 2012 is a fresh start in a world free of black people. view>>>
i love Marijuana,and if you dont smoke it. I dont know why. view>>>
Wearing shit from Calvin Klein makes me feel sexy. view>>>
I JUST LOVE MARIJAUNA : the way it smells the way it looks all different kinds and you'll feel better than the NORM view>>>
A googolplex is a really big number. It is so big that if you packed all the space in the existing universe with fine dust particles, just packed it, and counted the number of different ways you could order the dust particles numerically and three dimensionally, that number would be almost a googol... view>>>
Google search "b&w fine art photography" and see what the first item is! view>>>
I feel like picking up random men at bars... and do random things with them... view>>>
music speaks the language of within. like this http://greatpeoplemusic.tumblr.com/ view>>>
Remember that one time when Tim Tebow cried? Good times. view>>>
sunsets :) view>>>
Hallelujah. God doesn't exist. view>>>
gggfgdgsfgsafsf view>>>
This new artist is a breath of fresh air. Such great talent waiting to emerge. Just when I thought music was dead, I hear the voice of an angel...Jurni Rayne. You HAVE to check her out. www.jurnirayne.com. AND she is super sexy too! ... view>>>
Is she not beautiful? view>>>
She told me she thinks I'm beautiful. I broke down and cried. Thank you for that. ♥ view>>>
I used to dream of being a mermaid. view>>>
What ever happened to Cat Stevens? view>>>
Aside from dreaming about by seventh-month-old niece who passed away last month, I still think about her time and again. We never met. But I could still imagine how beautiful and sweet she could have been. ... view>>>
I can give myself a blowjob, arent you jealous nowww!! view>>>
Never utter a cruel word. You know how much it can hurt. Never judge or assume. You know how much they can loom. view>>>
Watch your silence. You could be condoning to something which is worth condemning. "Silence is safer than speech."??-----not always! view>>>
You came into my this world To take away my pain You came into my life To make things right You are a gift from heaven sent. view>>>
Have I met you before...in my dreams? view>>>
In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. view>>>
i love u michael view>>>
The most beautiful thing is how the sky lightens as it approaches the horizon, isn't it? view>>>
the rainbow is a beautiful thing! view>>>
The woods were never as scary as the time I was lost in them at night. But I was also surrounded by monsters. view>>>
About two days ago I felt bad because of a dispute. Now, I feel much better. Negative people always end last. Have a great evening everyone. Paula www.rhapsody.com www.twitter.com www.cdbaby.com/paulabenson www.myspace.com/paulabenson www.whotune.com view>>>
I find beauty in your finding beauty. view>>>
god shes beautiful to me not hot but beautiful!!!!!! view>>>
people knw wat ur on a bwt view>>>
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! view>>>
Some of the most beautiful states I've been in are Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. I love to travel during the winter for the colors of the leaves are very green, orange, red, and brown. Paula www.cdbaby.com/paulabenson www.myspace.com/paulabenson twitter view>>>
HAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAAHaHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! f sd s dsf dsf muahaa ha h ah ah a ha h a ha hhhhahaahahahaaaahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahh111111111111111111111111aaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$@^!(*&@#^#*)(*!#&(*!#^*&^!(*&#^(*&!# view>>>
Aloha! I want to go to Hawaii! view>>>
Finding myself is one thing but to find god is another that is just wonderful........... view>>>
With all this trash on the internet its nice to read wonderful things. Some random thoughts are just mental trash. I can accidently read a few words and know pass this mess. I have a good life and I try to keep my mind fresh with good thoughts. Hopefuly the readers of these notes will smile rath... view>>>
Much love for you! view>>>
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