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Bad Thoughts

What a dweeb! view>>>
And where is your god now ? view>>>
Nervous? Fly sky high with wings of confidence... view>>>
My ex is such a whore. view>>>
When you cry every night because you literally fucked up your childhood and your barely halfway throug it...you really realize how friendly death might be. view>>>
I feel like killing myself but I know I have something to live for I feel like hurting everyone I know but if I do I ruin my future, what is wrong with me, any other person would have already hurt everyone why cant I be like every other person please let me kill them please let me kill them ... view>>>
I walked into her room and there she was laying there still in her robe. Then instantly i hot solid hard. I reacted under her robe and found her pussy, i gently moved the blankets from round her and i got down and i ate her left and right up and then i stuck my tongue all the way in her and by then ... view>>>
Sometimes, I hate getting so tight after an orgasm. But then again, it can really pay off. view>>>
I think I might want to have an affair........ view>>>
Put the pe-pe in the vajay-jay and you make a bay-bay! view>>>
Holy Crack Whore is it Cold! view>>>
A polite penis stands up for a lady to sit! view>>>
I had to read up on the experiments that lead up to the Nuremburg Code. I was too disturbed to finish. Now I can't tell whether I want to vomit or punch someone in the face. view>>>
There is nothing like when I dress as a woman and have a man climb between my legs view>>>
She has eaten her own shit! Deym! view>>>
i play bad. I get married to hands. I get emotionally attach play better view>>>
I fuckin hate my brother. :l view>>>
I've always wondered why the penguin in my bathtub only appears when i get home from clubs? view>>>
why is adam g. such a bitch i wanna kill him sometimes and anthony h. too hes a pussy ass PUTTA!! view>>>
People that I would love to have sex with, in the order which I would like to have sex with them: My sister in law Scarlett Johansen Natalie Portman Anne Hathaway The blonde girl that used to work for me The brunette that used to work for me The red head that used to work for me The blonde g... view>>>
I hate the thought of someone cutting themself :( view>>>
Just what I want it's a little of imagination, that's all. view>>>
I had another dream about you Emilio. . . I want to be friends again, yet I want to punch you so hard in the fucking face. view>>>
My best friend is funny and beautiful and has a loving boyfriend. I hate myself every time I'm around her because I find myself secretly wishing she was the unattractive one. view>>>
the pizza man is ten minutes late!!!!! view>>>
I hate people all of them including myself view>>>
If you ever get pregnant, I am going to slip poison into your food until you miscarry. I am going to repeat this until you feel so depressed and worthless about your life that you commit suicide. Fuck you. view>>>
everyday is worst than the last. view>>>
There's nothing quite like fondling your own freshly shaven testicles. view>>>
Mercedes Gant is a fucking prostitution whore from the Seattle area who gives out random phone numbers and doesn't pay her bills. view>>>
I broke yesterday. Can't say what it was, but somehow, someway something in me just snapped. The best I can do is list all of the possible reasons for why this snapping might have happened, followed by all of the consequences of my having snapped and decide what to do from there. Haven't been eat... view>>>
Everything I have again is lost, everything I have is stripped away. Before I started building, I carried up these costs. There's nothing left for you to take away. view>>>
I want to infect people with my virus, and I can't stop myself :( view>>>
Sometimes I make some stupid mistakes. view>>>
To the man that took my phone Fuck you view>>>
There is a rage unfurling within, a blossoming contempt. A constrained compulsion to unleash a wicked fury at a sight and sound of a minor irritation. To bring wrath like none before... ...you and your fucking soup slurping bullshit. shut your cunt mouth before i take that spoon and gouge you i... view>>>
ddddddddddddddddddddoooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggg wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaalllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnn view>>>
wtf was they thinking wean they mad pogo stick view>>>
if i had a gun with 1 bullet and i had to shute obama or osama bin laden id line them both up in a row and kill them both view>>>
duse obama mean one big ass mistake ameraca view>>>
I have had pimples that were better looking than you! view>>>
can't get better. only worse. me? never. me first. scared about the future. angry at the past. blurring out the picture. thinking way too fast. scared to be alone. worried what you'll think. aching in the bones. trying not to blink. smoking too much pot. drinking in excess. doing these a lot. not ha... view>>>
every day could be your last view>>>
me and my boyfriend were invited to go to a theme park with his friends i told him i couldnt go and i felt bad because he really did want to go. but i also told him i really wanted to spend time with him that day since it is my only free day. he decides to go. right after i told him that. do... view>>>
I argue with myself In myself at night because I can never get anything started. Next day wake up do nothing. view>>>
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